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    One button to start/stop mp3 in pdf, but playback toolbar getting in way

    Martin S...

      Hi, I want to make a button to play back and stop an mp3 file in an exported pdf. I was able to make a button, then assign two actions to it, one to play the mp3 on mouse click, and the other to stop the mp3 on mouseover. the button looks fine in the pdf, there's just one problem. Indesign automatically puts a playback toolbar in the exported pdf where the mp3 file is located; even if i choose 'none' for poster, the playback bar appears (it's tiny and unusable); i thought it would be simple to have a button start and stop an mp3 but this is proving tedious. Any simple solution would be appreciated. I simply want to play/stop an mp3 file with one button in an exported pdf.