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    keyframing effects on and off cs5

    rmartin215 Level 1

      when the lighting effects is on, even with no light selected, the overall brightness of the clip is reduced.  I would like to keyframe the lighting effect per se on and off but this doesn't seem possible.  ??

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If you are seeing a "brightening," then I would check Ambient Light, in the Lighting Effect. It defaults to 20%.


          Most aspects of Lighting can be animated via Keyframes - look for the "stopwatches."


          Good luck,



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            I'm using Lighting Effects in Premiere Pro CS6 for the first time and am experiencing the same thing rmartin215 describes in his original post.


            I noticed after keyframing the Light Type from Spotlight to None, that the overall clip is left darker than when I started. If I toggle the Lighting Effects off, the clip gets bright again -- like the unaltered. Toggle the effect on, and the clip is overall darker.


            Bill Hunt's response suggests checking out the Ambient Light parameter, which does default to 20%. When I increase the Ambient Light the clip does brighten.




            1. why does the default -- no keyframe applied in or out -- darken the clip?
            2. what should the Ambient Light percentage be set at to bring the clip back to "unaltered"?


            thanks all!