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    hide non-component artwork when multi button mouse over?




      I am using catalyst cs5. I am making an interactive timeline and need to know if its possible to hide some text when I scroll over one of three possible buttons. I have a text box at the bottom of my page that says "scroll over an image to get started." Above this text box there are three images. I want it so that when I scroll over any of the three, the "scroll over an image to get started" disappears and the name of the image comes up in its place.


      If I were going to do this with just one image, then I'd just add the "scroll" text to my button component and hide it when the mouse is over but since there are three buttons, this is not possible. I've had some luck making a custom component with two states "up" and "down" where in "up" the scroll text is visible and "down", not. I've set individual interactions for the three images - on roll over transition to down and on roll out transition to up. It works but is buggy. I don't want the "scroll text" to move at all when I mouse over or do anything with it but when I mouse over, it follows the same transition fades as the other three buttons.


      What is the correct way to handle this operation? Any advice would be great because if I can sort this out, it will be a huge time saver down the road with future features of the timeline.