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    After Effects Crashes and Can't Find My OpenGL Card?


      I have After Effects CS5 (latest version) and it crashes whenever I try to add the "Knoll Light Factory" effect into my composition.  Sometimes it will let me add the effect only to crash after I move or mask the layer.  It tells me: http://speedcap.net/img/5995673224bdd700f20132a59bc0faae/15a02.png, http://speedcap.net/img/5995673224bdd700f20132a59bc0faae/08b9d.png, and http://speedcap.net/img/5995673224bdd700f20132a59bc0faae/862ff.png


      when it crashes.  This didn't happen about a month ago.  Anyways, after looking at some websites online, I tried to disable/enable OpenGL in the preferences window.  When I clicked on "OpenGL info", it tells me that I don't have a compatible OpenGL video card.  I know this isn't true because I remember turning off OpenGL a month or 2 ago.  Does anyone know what I can do?  Please help.