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    Photoshop Features to appear on Linux?  Please?



      Im a relative newcomer to the world of photoshop.  As a student, I like to flick between various options and alternatives.  One of the things I have found is the number of posts concerning the market potential for photoshop within a  Linux userbase.

      People have discussed the cost of porting the software vs the money to be made out of it, with a split between people on linux supporting open source, and those that wish to pay for the software and don't have that option available.  The post I delved into most had some great input from Chris Cox I think, where he argued that the market research had been done, and that the people that would pay for a licence on a linux machine already owned a licence on windows machine and so the profit margin was virtually non existent in terms of OS crossovers.


      I would have posted on that thread, but it appears to have been locked, what I was wandering was this:

      Whats the market potential/ research on demographics outside of design studios?

      What little ive read about Linux and its targeted user base, seems to indicate that there are a lot of large organisations (governmental institutions, educational establishments etc.) that would be looking to move to linux as its primary operating system, as they wouldn't have to fund the cost of Windows OS licences.  Obviously Adobe already provides student licences and such, but whats the market like for schools transferring to a linux enviroment?

      Surely that worldwide the number of individual workstations would make the development/ port a viable busiuness move?

      Just a students view.  I have next to no knowledge about the inner workings of Linux distros, or Photoshops.  I just like to work inside of Ubuntu and read up on the future of linux.