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    Interactive PDF Buttons Navigation Not Working As Expected


      Hi all


      I am a newby so this may be a very quick fix.


      I am contructing an interactive PDF in InDesign CS5.5 v7.5.  Essentially basic next page and previous page buttons are jumping ahead and back 2 pages at a time when the exported PDF is viewed in Acrobat v9.4.4 and or Acrobat Pro X v10.  The PDF does however only jump 1 page at a time forwards and backwards when viewed in Preview v4.2.  I am running this on an Intel Xeon Mac using OSX 10.5.8.


      Also I have rollover colour and clicked colour applied to these buttons.  These colours show up as expected in both versions of Acrobat but only the clicked colour works in Preview.


      You assistance with any advice on this asap would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks for your time :-)