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    Kuler USER STUDY - participants needed!!!!


      Hello Kuler customers!  I'm a product manager at Adobe, and I've been actively starting to research ways that we can enhance Kuler (I know that it's been a while since the last update).    We have such a vibrant community on the site, I'd love to talk to some of you about how you use Kuler and to get your thoughts on some new feature ideas.   The discussion will last ~60 - 90 minutes, and we will be providing a $100 Amazon gift card to all participants for your time.  If you're interested, you can provide your email address as a response on this thread and I'll get in touch with you, or shoot me an email directly (hmustafa@adobe.com).  Please provide the following information in your email:   Name, city/state/country, occupation, how long you've been a Kuler customer.



      Hawro Mustafa

      Product Manager, Adobe Systems