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    Flex 4.5, BorderContainer background image scaling problem


      I am facing problem with BorderContainer's background image scale. I am trying to add one border image for the BorderContainer which needs to scale so that the image comes only in the border. So i have added the following code in the css file.
      .topBottomBar {
      background-image: Embed("/styles/Images/Top_Bottom_Bar.png", scaleGridLeft="150", scaleGridRight="650", scaleGridTop="27", scaleGridBottom="28");
      background-size: "100%";
      And the BorderContainer code is below:
      <s:BorderContainer id="mainPage" width="1000" height="750" styleName="topBottomBar"/>
      The problem i am facing is, the image is getting added but it is stretched in the whole window rather than inside the scaled rectangle.
      The same code is working correctly in flex 3 as Canvas's background image. In Flex 4.5, if i use Canvas with the Halo Theme as flex theme, the background image stretches properly inside the scaled rectangle.
      I am attaching the image which i need to add as the border.