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    External links not work

      I have a word document that has external links. Text that links to other page or other url.
      When I convert my doc (word document) into a swf using flash paper 2 the links not work. There are still highlighted but no linking is taking place.

      please help me.

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          I am having the same problem. At first I thought it was because I had converted an excel file but I tried the same information from a word document and the links do not work in the browser or if I view the SWF file separately. Additionally, when I convert the word file to a pdf none of the hyperlinks to pages or documents work but the links to email addresses do.
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            I also experience the same kind of problems only then with big word files. It seems that when a word file with more then 400 links is converted into a .swf the links go missing. A doc with less then 400 links works perfect.
            Any ideas?