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    Smallest .swf file size - best practices?


      I am making some flash banners for a college website and the CBS guidelines require all file size be less than 40k.  How the hell can you do anything with that?!


      A) Do unused library items effect file .swf size?

      B) I'm using a lower res .jpg for a background which is about 10k, and each line of text i use for only 40 frames is like 20k! (3 sets of text=60k)  Why is simple text so large?

      C) Creating movie clips and tweens doesn't really seem to affect file size, is that mostly accurate?

      D) Everything considered, is the main thing that affects final .swf size the size of each file used on the timeline? Is there a best practice for converting graphics to graphic clips, movie clips, symbols, etc.?


      Any answers to any of these would be much appreciated, this is driving me insane. 40k is so small!