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    No audio playback with clips right after import


      Hi all,


      I've been using Premiere Pro CS5.5 only for a little while now, but I've recently noticed something odd occurring. My workflow consists of copying Canon DSLR .MOVs to project folder on a disk and then importing those files into PP. Good. Everything works so far. Now, the last couple times I've worked on a project in Premiere, after the clips have finished importing, I go to play a clip and there will be no audio. My heart sank the first time I saw this, because I thought I had forgotten to turn on the mic on my camera. Alas, I saved the project and quit Premiere. I re-open the project and now the clips playback with audio just fine.


      I've used the CS5 version before and this never happened. However, I used CS5 with OS X Snow Leopard. And I am now running CS5.5 with OS X Lion.


      Any idea why this is happening? I'm guessing it has something to do with the audio conforming?