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    Can someone advise me on the software for creating and updating user manuals?


      We currently use Structured FrameMaker for creating and updating Parts Guides.  These guides consist of graphics on the left hand side of the page

      and a parts list (bill of materials table) on the right side.  They can range in size from 50 - 200+ pages, so this is a time-consuming process.

      It involves typing the parts name, number, remarks, etc., (from the new or marked-up pdf) into a table in FM.  Management wants to streamline this process to save time, yet maintain the standard look of our existing parts guides.  The final output for the customer is a pdf and CDs.


      I have used RoboHelp (v. 5 & 6) in a previous assignment.  Does the current RH version have the capability of importing text/tables

      directly from a pdf?  Will it import graphics (.wmf)?    As I recall, pdfs, CDs and online help can all be created from one RH document?


      Or is there a way we can be doing this more efficiently in FrameMaker?


      I would appreciate any suggestions that would make the current cumbersome processes more efficient.


      Thank you.