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    Collage of photos to treat in Camera Raw


      I'm creating a collage of 3 or 4 photos that I want to bring into ACR to treat them so they all have the same look. Normally when I do this treatment to a photo I open it as a smart object, make copies, and bring it into ACR a few times for different treatments, then change the opacities and merge them.


      Can I take each file, add each one to a new image, do some arranging of them, then bring that collage into ACR multiple times?



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          JimHess-h1lFU3 Level 1

          Not as a multi-layered image.  Camera Raw will allow you to open multiple images, but you cannot combine them.  If you were using Lightroom you could make multiple virtual copies of each image and make your adjustments to those, but you would still have to combine them and do the final work in Photoshop.  Or, am I not following your logic?

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            Noel Carboni Level 7

            If the photos were taken in the same light and conditions, and you bring all the images into Camera Raw at the same time, you can make settings that affect them all (or make settings to one then Synchronize to the others).


            Can you please be a little more specific about what you mean by "treat them so they all have the same look"?



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              EdFBeck Level 1

              The photos a re not going to be under the same lighting conditions.  One thing I do is to take a RAW into ACR and just import to CS 5. Next I make it a smart object and make a couple of copies of it as smart objects. Then I take each one back into ACR separately. I adjust one exposur on one of them and bring it back to CS5, then I adjust the other in ACR to pull out details, I desaturate it completely, add a lot of recovery, add some blacks, then adjust the exposure.  Back in CS5 each layer by itself looks pretty bad, but them I adjust opacities and mask out until what I end up with is a very detailed image.   I'd like to be able to make those adjustments at the same time, but It would probably be better to have the layer from a baseline image open in CS5 while I workon another one on another screen.   One thing I might be able to do is create the collage, save it ad a jpg, and then work on it in ACR, but I think I'd rather do it by comparing images.

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                Jeff Schewe Level 5

                You realize you can open multiple raw files at once in Camera Raw and use the Film Strip to select images yo adjust? This would seem to be far more efficient than the round about way you are working now.

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                  EdFBeck Level 1

                  Yes, I also know that I can multi-select the images and any adjustments I make will effect all the selected images.