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    Copying table data (including images) from InDesign to Excel (or other format such as RTF)

    Andreas Jansson Level 2



      We've got a problem trying to get data from InDesign over to Excel.

      There's this pricelist in InDesign, with images and small "icons" (also images) that indicate which item is displayed as the main image for each row in the table. Each "table row" can contain a number of items, separated by Carriage Return + Line Feed or similar combination.


      The problem is that we can't get good data and images to appear in any other editable format. Copying and Pasting directly into Excel has yet been the most successful, but there the images are lost. Exporting to PDF and from Acrobat Pro exporting to other formats always seem to fail in one way or another (tables are put on top of each other, images lost and so on, different for different export formats).




      The data copied to OpenOffice Calc (then saved as an excel format file). Yellow areas added to show where the images were in InDesign.

      Prices blurred in the illustrating image above.


      Are there any good ideas how to copy the InDesign table to another editable format (that doesn't require Adobe licenses...)?