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    Phonegap - loading an external PDF/XLS/DOC/etc, what happens?

    sinious Most Valuable Participant

      Hey all,


      I'd like to make a phonegap app but I'm curious how one part of it will act.


      This would be a very simple brochare-ware type app (like apps that show off cars, etc). It will contain office-esque docs (.pptx, .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, etc). These documents will be hosted on the web. If the user chooses to view one of these files, is it possible to contain the document so you don't leave the app?


      What I'm thinking is I'll need to insert an iframe somewhere and point it to the resource. Will this keep me inside the app?


      My biggest fear is making an app with phonegap and every time a user wants to view a PDF (or anything) it leaves the app and launches safari to go view the asset. I'd like to remain inside the app at all times when viewing these resources.


      Does anyone know if an iframe approach would work? Other alternatives?


      Thanks for tips!