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    Indesign CS3 Error in Automatic recovery


      I'm working with Indesign CS3 v. 5.0 on Windows 7. I was working on the document last night, took an hour break and when I tried to open it again, I received a message, "The last time you tried to open the document it produced an error in the automatic recovery function in Adobe InDesign. Do you want to try to recover it again?" When I select yes, it says, "(name of document) may be damaged. Do you want to open it anway?"


      If I just try to open Indesign without opening the document, I am unable. It reverts back to the document that I had tried to open before.


      Any suggestions? I need to finish this 20 page document today!!



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If ID ius trying to open a document from the recovery folder it means that it thinks the file was not proerly cloesd from the last session. If thzt recovery document opens succesfully you can either close it or save it (which at the moment I would suggest, with a new name) and all shouod be well. If you cloe without saving, that version will be lost and if the original is damages you may be out of luck.


          If the recovery file will not open successfully it probably is damaged. This may or may not mean the original is also damaged. To allow ID to start without trying to recover the damaged file move the contents of the Recovery folder to a new location temporarily. You can delete them once you know they are no longer useful. To find the recovery folder, see Replace Your Preferences. The Recovery folder should be in the same location as InDesign SavedData as listed in the link.