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    Cross-references in a different document

    Dan Macy

      We have used FrameMaker for years (currently Version 7.1). We are in the process of switching to InDesign (CS5).


      One current project is a print catalog where I put each section in a different document. One of the sections is a list of book titles. Another section is an index of authors and books by each author, with a page number cross-referencing each title with its entry in the title section.


      In FrameMaker, when I open the author document, I can update all the references at once by pointing to the title document.


      I don't see an easy way to do this in InDesign. Is it possible to update all cross-references at once?


      Furthermore, in researching the problem on the Internet, I came across multiple comments that suggested that it's not a good idea to use cross-references across multiple documents in InDesign. Is this true, or was it only a problem in previous versions of InDesign?


      Thanks for the help!