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    InDesign CS4 Background Printing?


      I'm wondering if there is a "background printing" capability in InDesign. There was a function in QuarkXPress (it might still be there for all I know) that would allow you to send a job to print and the print dialog box would almost instantly disappear from the screen when you hit the "print" button, as long as you selected "background printing on" in the preferences. It would then spool and print totally in the background and you could use the program while the job was spooling. Unless I'm missing something, this can't be done in InDesign. Our department is constantly sending 20, 30, even 40-page documents with hundreds of high-resolution images to a print spooler to be printed on a high-end, business postscript printer/copier. These documents can sometimes take several minutes - sometimes even up 45 minutes - to spool, which means we can't use InDesign while this is happening.


      Does anyone know if InDesign has this function and I just never found it, or if there's a plug-in for it, or any other suggestions?


      We're using CS4 on Windows XP Pro.


      Thank you in advance,