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    RH7 Topics appearing in another language


      Another completley random, strange bug. I have a few topics in my web help project (same project having the TOC inssue; http://forums.adobe.com/message/3891122#3891122, as it happens) which are appearing either blank or in Chinese. !


      I'm wondering... the svn (tortoise) system, where I check in my files to build to the product, is accessed by people all over the place, including Taiwan and China. Could their local access (Chinese keyboards I assume) be glitching the files somehow? I did just verify the project language is set to English; the css doesn't talk about language per say, just specifiying fonts like Verdana. Past that, I can't begin to guess what might be happening.


      And of course we need to release this in the next week.


      Thanks O helpful forum watchers!