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    Missing Audio Assets From Merged Clips

    Thomas Beach

      One of my original source tapes of an interview had distorted audio.  So I imported the separate audio recordings for that tape into my project manager.  I then created a new Sequence on my Timeline.  I then dropped the original source tape with the distorted synched audio into that sequence. I then dragged the matching double-system audio into the sequence and proceeded to line up that double-system audio against the original distorted audio tracks of the source tape.


      Once synch was complete, I Unlinked and deleted the old distorted audio track, leaving only the double-system audio.  I then used the Delete Tracks command to eliminate the old original audio track, making the new audio track the A1 audio.  I then used the Synchronize command, followed by the Link command.  I understood this would merge the two assets into one new clip.


      My problem is that although this new merged clip exists as the new sequence I created and is perfectly synched, when I now edit it in my Source Panel, and then use Insert, the video portion appears on the Timeline, but never any audio.  I then checked the original video tape file (the distorted audio) from which I had created the new merged file (sequence) and found that it too does not bring audio with it when Inserted onto the Timeline.  In both cases the edited video portion shows up but never any audio.


      I cannot discover why the audio assets are not being associated with either the old video footage or the newly created merged clip with the double-system audio.  Any offers of help would be appreciated.