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    Editing Presenter Timings- PPT to Presenter time translation


      To those in the Instructional Design and eLearning creation world, colleagues and community members.


      I am trying to figure out how to affect the time allocations per slide when the final Presenter result is published.

      My frustration is with the editing capability after seeing that some slides need more time allocated and some need less.

      Where do I go to edit?

      Which tool do I use?

      Does the total animation sequence in Power Point individual slides translate to a total slide timing allocation?

      How do I manage animation synch when there is more animation sequences than time allocated based on the settings menu to set a specific amount of seconds for slides without audio and video?

      Once a project has been published once and it needs to be updated and edited, does the settings control tab overwrite the original seconds set for slides without audio or video?

      The help menu from Presenter does not address slide times from an editing point of view.

      Is there anyone who has answers for working with editing slide timing for Presenter's final publish results?


      Thank you Adobe Presenter user community and eLearning colleagues.


      -Instructional Designer in Arizona

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Slide display times are dictated by the amount of audio, or silence, of that slide. The default timing for slides with no audio is 5 seconds. You can change this default by going in to Adobe Presenter > Presentation Settings > Playback and changing the "Duration of slide without audio or video" option to something other than 5. Other wise, you can go into the Audio Editor and add or remove silence, by placing your play head on the desired slide and selecting Insert > Silence. You should also see "click" markers for any animations you have on click. They are indicated by blue markers, while slides are gray. They may be stacked underneath the following slide's marker. You can drag and drop them to anywhere you desire on the slide. Or, once you have your slide timings adjusted as desired, you can use the Sync Audio tool to synchronize the animations that are on click with your audio or silence.