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    CS4 Color Management Settings - Confusing for Brother Laser Colour Printer


      I am new to Brother's Color Laser Printer and setting up the Color Management with CS4 for a document. Contacted Brother and they do not have informaton for Adobe Products. Here's what occurs when on the Print Screen:


      • Under 'Options'  — CS4 has instated 'Let InDesign determine Color Management'.
      • Under Printer Profile: 'RGB-SRGB 1EC6' is indicated. I can pull down the menu for other choices. Brother Printers are indicated but I have no idea which one to choose. What is difficult to ascertain is that in one project, I am using card stock. There is no choice available for other weights of paper as there is in MSW.


      Inexperience prevails with using a color laser printer with CS4's settings. In other words, should I leave the choices provided by CS4 rather than choose the Brother Printer settings that cannot be explained by Brother?