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    Dragging from Photoshop vs. Placing


      PLEASE HELP!!!!


      I am in the process of compiling a portfolio in InDesign (first time I am using the program) and have been told that the best way to bring images into your document is by placing them. However I have a bunch of pdf's which have various images on each, and I need to bring some of these individual images into the InDesign project. Ie. the images are not saved individually, but rather in groups as pdf's, so I cannot place them individually. I therefore have been opening the pdf's in Photoshop and then dragging the images into InDesign. They then do no appear as links, or layers. Is this an acceptable way of bringing images into InDesign?? I am worried that it will mess me around later on?


      Please can someone help, as I do not want to proceed with any of the work until I know that it is infact going to work out...and (as usual) am on a tight deadline!!