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    Been here before - Mac OSX ADE won't open books

    remltr Level 1

      Revisiting my ongoing problem and without delving into all the minutia of my previous posts, I'll cut to the chase.


      With my current Mac OSX computer user account I have lost the ability to download/open books from my library using ADE. If I create a new user account on the same computer I regain the ability to download/open books using ADE. Both accounts authorize with Adobe, no problem, using the same Adobe account info.


      Under the assumption that it is some setting on my computer that is causing the issue, I have deleted and reinstalled ADE under the trouble account mulitple times. I have deleted all the com.adobedigital editions plist type files that I can find in the library, even copied the ones from the working account over to the non working account to no avail.


      Does anybody know where any hidden files might be that could be erased, that would allow me to reinstall ADE so I can recover the functionality of program. I really don't want to have switch users each time I wish to use the program.


      Thank you.