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    Help with Acer A500 and nook!

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      We are trying to downoad ADE on an Acer A500 tablet and a NookColor, but keep getting an error that says "we don't meet the minimum system requirements!" Is there anyone that can help us out?

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          I'll try to help, but I don't think you'll like the answer.


          ADE is designed to run on both Windows and MAC platforms - not on tablets.

          That could account for your error message all by itself.


          The Nook and the ACER 500 are considered to be ereaders by ADE, which means

          that ADE won't install on either one.


          If you install ADE on a Windows XP computer, then you'll be able to download

          ebooks to the Nook and the ACER 500.  However, you have limitations on what

          you can download to the ACER tablet.  HERE's

          <http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices>the list of

          supported devices, and you'll see that you'd have to have 'LumiRead' on the

          tablet.  BTW: I mentioned Windows XP because Win 7 seems to be causing a lot

          of problems for users right now.


          Most libraries use different software to manage ebooks.  You might consult

          with your IT people and see if they can get this sorted for you before you

          become so frustrated that it's a three martini cocktail hour....




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