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    Transfering a file to adobe reader 8

      I am running vista on my computer and have acrobat reader 8.0. I have saved and zipped several files in an XPS format. I have to convert that to an adobe file that I can actually open. I downloaded a cute pdf and a converter from the college that I attend. I then tried to convert the files to adobe and now I cannot open them myself. Please advise as to the steps in the process to do this. thanks

      Mike Nash Jr.
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          pixlor Level 4
          "Adobe" is not a file format. Acrobat Reader 8 does not create files, it only displays .pdf files.. (By the way, get the update as v 8 has a security vulnerability.) XPS is an XML document format, not a zipped archive format. I'm sorry, but you're not making sense.

          What did you start with and what is your desired outcome?

          What version of Fireworks are you using?