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    Updated TechNote: Load external SWF files into a parent SWF

    Jay_Armstrong Level 2

      Last week I added a new, commented code sample to this very highly visited TechNote, along with a set of sample files. I have also revised the text so that it is hopefully easier to understand.


      A bunch of users who visited the TechNote were having some pretty obvious follow-up questions that weren’t answered by the TechNote as it was, such as:

      • How do I load more than one SWF?
      • How do I load a SWF into a specific location in the display list?
      • How do I resize the loaded SWF?
      • How do I set its X and Y location?


      So I’ve attempted to answer these questions with he changes.


      You can add comments at the bottom of the technote, so let me know if you see other changes that should be made.