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    Increase maximum frame rate


      I have an older flash application, it uses actionscript 2.

      Its logic is heavily tied to the frame rate (using onEnterFrame lots of times).

      I need to accelerate its calculations.


      The maxmimum frame rate Flash Professional lets me specify for it is 120.

      Is there any way to make this higher?

      I don't necessarily have to change the fla or the swf, being able to play it faster locally would be sufficient, if the flash player can be tweaked to accomplish that.


      Thank you.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          there's a theoretical frame rate limit of 1000 fps (using setInterval and nextFrame() ) but you can't achieve anything close to that with current computers.  in fact, only in limited circumstances can you achieve a frame rate in excess of 90 fps.


          the frame rate you assign in the properties panel or when creating your fla is the rate flash tries to achieve but that rate is tempered by the host computer's capabilities and whatever code and graphics you have in your swf.


          in addition, avm1 is significantly less efficient than avm2.  so, any flash app that needs to push the limits of a swf's frame rate should be using as3.