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    AE instance + QuickTime movie in Premiere exporting with jitters


      I am making a video project with a AE project and a .mov coming from Google Sketup 8 into an Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 project. When I export only the AE clip with standard H.264 Deinterlaced settings the playback is super smooth but when I export the whole clip with the same settings there are jitters and blurriness apprearing in the clip (The effect could be compared to an old VHS playback sort-of).


      My Premiere project is a 720 x 480 document NTSC 4/3 aspect ratio and both my .mov and AE project are that format.


      Could it be that my framerate could be different in my .mov and in my Premiere project? (As far as I know, both my AE project and .mov are at 29.97 frames per second, but could be wrong).


      My export settings are H.264, NTSC DV High Quality - De-interlaced - I tried both Progressive and Cubic pixels.


      Any lead would be appreciated. Thank you!