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    Rollover target background not transparent CS5




      I'm trying to make a rollover target have a transparent background and I can't seem to make this happen. Any help would be much appriciated. Thanks.

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Which export format do you have it set to?

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            jefinition Level 1

            I have only previewed in google chrome not exported yet, that may be a questiion after I resolve this issue. The part of the design I need to be transparent is on top of the background image. What I have is this: A map of New York, plotted on this map are red circles that represents restaurants. In fire works I made the red circles hotspots that when you mouse over them a disjoint rollover image appears. The problem I am specifically having is, the rollove image is an irregular shape with a transparent background exported from Illustrator, but when you rollover a red circle and it appears it has a white backgound where it should transparent. I tried using the polygon tool to cu it out but it A: will be too time consuming and not stadardized. B: wont remove the white from inside the red. Is there a way to resolve this issue?


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              pixlor Level 4

              All images are rectangular. You probably have the export settings for the disjoint rollovers set to a format that doesn't support transparency, for example, JPG or PNG24. These formats will put a white background in where you expect transparency. Try exporting the images as either a PNG32 or a PNG8.


              The PNG32 format has three channels: red, green, blue, and alpha (transparency). Like the GIF format, the PNG8 format is a 256-color index palette. However the PNG8 format supports partial transparency and multiple transparent colors. If you choose PNG8, you may need to use the eyedropper tool in File>Image Preview to add additional colors from your image.

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                Panos Zygopoulos Level 3

                I don't really remember if this works when you export your document, even exporting png images. Maybe it's a javascript issue. I think that you can't make the white area transparent.

                But, you can do this:


                Check the size of the rollover image (the size of the slice).

                Instead of placing the red circles as rollover image, also cut a same size image from the background and make this a rollover image. You will have your image and a background as a rollover image, so no transparency needed.