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    Understanding the practical implications of the Cairngorm 3 Navigation Library

    masuland Level 1

      Hi there again,


      Based on the discussion from yesterday:




      ... I forgot to mention that I have difficulties to find practical use cases for the Navigation Library. What does the Navigation Library solve when it will be used in the development architecture? Nothing explicit seems to be mentioned about it in your documentation:




      When speaking in theory I also have the concern that the Navigation Library is breaking the separation of concern between the Presentation Layer and the Domain Layer (when using the Domain Driven Design language):




      ... or the separation of concern between the View Layer and the Data Layer (when using my language):




      Practically speaking again, I usually store the application state (or the waypoints/landmarks of the application) in the Application Model ... see:


           public class AppModel
                // States
                [Publish(scope='appModel', objectId='loginBoxState')]
                public var loginBoxState:String;
                [Publish(scope='appModel', objectId='appStackState')]
                public var appStackState:String;
                [Publish(scope='appModel', objectId='settingsBoxState')]
                public var settingsBoxState:String;


      For more information please check out these two versions:




      ... of my Login Example:




      I hope you can help me clarify this!


      Thank you,