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    Finally, E-book Sample

    em2744 Level 1

      I thought I'd upload a link to my file, since I have finally had some success.


      It was created in inDesign. Flash was used to make some changes. It was saved as an Air app. I have the swf, and the Air App installer on the site.

      It  is just the first 3 pages of an interactive book. Really simple.


      Thanks for all the help





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          Petteri_Paananen Level 4

          Very nice...=)


          Here´s the link to one I have made earlier (in finnish langauge...sorry, I didn´t have an english sample)




          That AIR app has been made with following workflow

          -first I exported actual magazine from Indesign as SWF

          -then I finalize it with product called eDocker (it made preloader, user interface, navigations etc)

          -finally I wrap that eDocker project as AIR app with one extra loader that loaded whole publication (magazine&user interface) to stage


          ps. eDocker will release a new tablet publisher during this fall, it will  make html5 web-apps from indesign.... meaning no appStore required for distribution