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    Simple E-Book Air App sample


      I thought I'd  post my links as I finally was able to create a working sample.


      I wanted to create the files in inDesign, which I did. For speed and to same the page curl, I eventually used a preloader to import the file into Flash. I added sme detail in Flash. I then comipled to an Air App. It worked!! eventually....


      I did initially port the inDesign into Flash, and have begun reworking it fully in Flash as well, But that will take more time, and the inDesign version has nice page transitions.


      It is very simple, and the interface is not yet fully built. I need to add menus, etc. And I want to create more interactive pages now. But it is a beginning.


      There is an Air App, and a SWF

      If you click on the Air app, it saves the installer. Once intalled you have to have air, to view it. I included the SWF for those on a desktop, who had no interest in looking at the Air file.


      Thanks for all the help and patience with my dumb questions.




      I thought I'd upload a link to my file, since I have finally had some success.


      It  was created in inDesign. Flash was used to make some changes. It was  saved as an Air app. I have the swf, and the Air App installer on the  site.

      It  is just the first 3 pages of an interactive book. Really simple.


      Thanks for all the help