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    [iOS] Advice on when to close events


      hi all just looking for some advice on when to close some events ..


      my problem is i am working on a iOS app that loads two large swf files and plays them both at the same time. i am loading in the video files on the first frame and adding them to the stage on the second.. the problem is it crashs at random it seems, ( crashes the frist time it loads files , then stable for 5 or 6 runs then crashes again and wont work till i have to reset ipad ) however it crashes at the same place always .. after loading the files.


      also the swf files do not have any AS3 code in them, however they are large 9000 - 11000 frames each



          import flash.desktop.NativeApplication;
          import flash.desktop.SystemIdleMode;
          import flash.net.URLRequest;
          import flash.display.Loader;
          import flash.events.Event;
          import flash.events.ProgressEvent;
          import flash.filesystem.File;
          import flash.display.MovieClip;

      //----- sleep & wake settings
      NativeApplication.nativeApplication.systemIdleMode = SystemIdleMode.KEEP_AWAKE;
      stage.addEventListener(Event.DEACTIVATE, ReleaseWakeLock);
      final function ReleaseWakeLock(event:Event):void


           NativeApplication.nativeApplication.systemIdleMode = SystemIdleMode.NORMAL;


      stage.addEventListener(Event.ACTIVATE, RequestWakeLock);
      final function RequestWakeLock(event:Event):void


                NativeApplication.nativeApplication.systemIdleMode = SystemIdleMode.KEEP_AWAKE;


      // vars
      var load1 = 0;
      var load2 = 0;
      var mc1:MovieClip = new MovieClip;
      var mc2:MovieClip = new MovieClip;


      // load video 1



      function startLoad()


           var file2:File = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("v1.swf");
           var mLoader2:Loader = new Loader();
           var mRequest2:URLRequest = new URLRequest(file2.url);
           var context2:LoaderContext = new LoaderContext();
           context2.checkPolicyFile = true;
           context2.securityDomain = SecurityDomain.currentDomain;
           context2.applicationDomain = ApplicationDomain.currentDomain;
           mLoader2.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, ioError);
           mLoader2.contentLoaderInfo.uncaughtErrorEvents.addEventListener(UncaughtErrorEvent.UNCAUG HT_ERROR, handleGlobalErrors);
           mLoader2.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onCompleteHandler);
           mLoader2.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, onProgressHandler);



                     mLoader2.load(mRequest2, context2);

           catch (error:Error)




      function onCompleteHandler(loadEvent:Event)





      //-------- start of video loader 2


      function startLoad2()


           var file:File = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("v2.swf");
           var mLoader:Loader = new Loader();
           var mRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(file.url);

           var context:LoaderContext = new LoaderContext();
           context.checkPolicyFile = true;
           context.securityDomain = SecurityDomain.currentDomain;
           context.applicationDomain = ApplicationDomain.currentDomain;
           mLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, ioError);
           mLoader.contentLoaderInfo.uncaughtErrorEvents.addEventListener(UncaughtErrorEvent.UNCAUGH T_ERROR, handleGlobalErrors);
           mLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onCompleteHandler2);
           mLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, onProgressHandler);



                mLoader.load(mRequest, context);

           catch (error:Error)




      function handleGlobalErrors( evt : UncaughtErrorEvent ):void


      function onCompleteHandler2(loadEvent:Event)

           load2 = 1;


      function ioError(event:ErrorEvent):void






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          sanika Kulshreshtha Adobe Employee


          Thanks for reporting this issue. Since you are loading very large swfs, it could be possible that iOS is killing your application, since it is consuming a lot of memory. How large are the swfs?

          Could you please file a bug at http://bugbase.adobe.com and attach any test applications that you have? I request you to please post the bug number here so that other developers affected by the bug can vote for it.

          One more thing, you could also set stage.quality = StageQuality.MEDIUM in case you have set it to HIGH.