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    Code Hinting for Typed Arrays


      I'm looking for a way to let Flash Builder know I'm using a strictly typed array, so it can provide code hints and warnings for array elements based on their type. the FlashDevelop IDE can provide this, using the syntax:


      var x : /*String*/ Array;


      However, I really can't see any way to get this working with FlashBuilder. All I could find was the ArrayElementType metadata tag, which doesn't seem to bring any utility for actionscript. An obvious solution I've been using until now is to just use Vector.<type> rather than Array, which I'd be perfectly happy with if it didn't miss out some of the particularly useful features of the Array class, such as Array.sortOn. There's also of course no way to extend the Vector class to add these features myself, since the vector class is final.


      How have other people dealt with this problem? Code hinting and warnings are the best things about Flash Builder, so it seems surprising that there's no way to do this. Is there maybe a plugin that somebody has written to add this functionality?


      Thanks for any help,