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    ¿Por qué Illustrator y no Freehand?


      Acabo de adquirir un iMac con Lion preinstalado y resulta que Freehand ya no me funciona, no entraré en el por qué. Me resulta increíble creer que una empresa como Adobe no sepa ver lo potente que es Freehand al lado del poco intuitivo Illustrator. Que un programa ya absoleto le haga sombra a un actual me parece de ciencia ficción. He intentado pasar página y llevo dos días utilizando illustrator y el odio que he adquirido hacia este programa no me parece normal, sinceramente me pone de los nervios. Cosas que con Freehand se tardan un segundo en hacer resultan interminables con Illustrator. Nunca habia escrito antes en un foro pero de veras que estoy bastante cabreada, por decirlo ya de malas maneras. Imagino que este mensaje se lo van a pasar por dónde quieran pero tenia la necesidad de decir algo. Y estoy bastante tranquila al observar la cantidad de foros con diseñadores echando de menos al maravilloso programa vectorial que estais dejando morir. Os odio y gracias por empeorar un poco cada día mi absurda vida.

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          Por favor, no perdamos el tiempo en este foro. Usted es absurdo pretender que FreeHand estaba preinstalado en Lion. Que no es posible. Devolver el equipo para obtener un reembolso si el vendedor afirma tener instalado FreeHand en Lion.

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            Sorry, but do you understand spanish?


            Please use a dictionary in the future.

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              Did you not understand my reply or are you just being a crusty biscuit?

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                I don't write in english very well but I try explain my first comment, but first...


                I don't wanna Freehand installed in Lion, for Jesus Christ! I just want Rosetta aplication for using in my mac FH, like always. And, of course, I don't want return my iMac for this, i'm not stupid.


                I said... It turns out incredible to think that a company to me as Adobe does not know to see the powerful thing that it is Freehand next to little the intuitive Illustrator. That a already absolet program does shade to him to a present one it seems to me of science fiction. I have tried to pass page and I have been two days using illustrator and the hatred that I have acquired towards this program to not seems normal to me, sincerely puts to me of the nerves. Things that with Freehand take a second in doing are interminable with Illustrator. And I am quite calm when observing the amount of forums with designers missing the wonderful vectorial program that stays leaving to die.





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                  As Rosetta is not available in Lion, why would you buy a Mac with Lion?


                  You've only had two days using Illustrator. I'm pretty certain you did not become a FreeHand expert in 2 days. As it has been known for years that FreeHand is a dead product, it is confusing why you would not have gotten a better head start on learning a new program, even if something other than Illustrator. Nobody is obligated to switch to Illustrator. There are other drawing programs.


                  I apologize for trying to answer your question. I did not intend to get in the way of all the other people scrambling to help you. I appreciate your gracious acceptance of the answer freely given.


                  I'm sure it is possible for Adobe to recognize the quality of FreeHand but with such a small market share, it is not fiscally prudent to support a program that so few buy. There is still hope for FreeHand users to request FreeHand features to be incorporated in Illustrator. FreeHand users just need to make their voice heard by contacting Adobe via their feature request form.

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                    Reinaldo Rangel

                    ok, first freehand only have a smal market because adobe kill de app, 7 years from the last update on the app, and cero market campaing for it, we are not dummies, we know what adobe is tryng to do and is kill the app, the girl certainly have reason freehand is a way more intuitive than illustrator and a i use both for years, why she cant by a new computer only for one app thats is not reasonable if you develop freehand and call it illustrator is the best way you may walk and adapte some of the caracteristics from illustrator to freehand and you go, or why you dont release the code of freehand, them and the minority comunity of frehand (sarcasmo) they or we cant develope the app for our convenience, sorry but this is only a capitalist move only profits and cero competence