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    Problem with Alt Gr key

    Esfera Critica Level 1




      I can only reproduce this in Google Chrome.

      I have a Flex web app that has some text inputs and textareas. The problem is that when I press AltGr + 2 inside a textinput or textarea (to get the @ in portuguese keyboards) it starts working strange. It's like if I have the Ctrl key pressed down. For example, if I type 'esfera@adomain.com' it only writes 'esfera@' and then selects all the text when I press the 'a' key, like if I pressed Ctrl+A, witch I didn't. If I press and release the Ctrl key after I insert the @ it works ok.. but that is not very intuitive. It forces the user to: type 'esfera@' and the press and release the Ctrl key and the type 'adomain.com'... Not very good.



      Tried several browsers with  FlashPlayer

      Opera 11.10 Windows 7 x64: OK
      Safari 5.0.3 Windows 7 x64: OK
      Firefox 6.0.1 Windows 7 x64: OK
      IE9 Windows 7 x64: OK
      Google Chrome 13.0.782.218 m Windows 7 x64: Alt Gr ERROR



      Some users have reported the same problem in macs but I can't test it.

      I've googled it but found little or none information, only a couple of users with the same problem...



      If someone could help me...

      Thanks in advance.