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    string validate of Textarea

    achiever.dev Level 1


      How to validate string for TextArea control, i have used stringvalidator and validator conrtol to validate the text of textarea control but i am write only white space  i.e ( " ") with 2-3 + line and then validate that string ,and final result is valid without entring any character .

      My expect result is string is not allow only whitespace or blank space , but it is allow atleast one character in string, this expectation is not get from stringvalidator and validator class ...


      Please suggest me how to validate string with atleast one character ..




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          miguel8312 Level 3

          sorry but your question is not clear. do you  want to validate that that string in the textbox has 2 or 3 white spaces in front of it first and then a string?

          Let me know if this is your question.


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            achiever.dev Level 1

            Thanks for reply,

            String In Textarea, is totally empty and not any character after or befor . but that string created by space bar and string size 150 + (Also without any character only space present in it), so that string now i validate by validator or stringvalidator control of flex , but it allow that and result is validate , But my expecte result is String allow  character + space , not only space..


            Thanks ,