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    Adobe Reader on Windows 7 64BIT


      Hi All


      since version 10 (X) of adobe reader our windows 7 64bit machines take an age to open PDF's over 10 seconds for most, regardless of if the file is on the local machine or network


      They currently have version 10.1.0 installed.


      On all our vista pcs it runs fine and we dont appear to have the issue on our windows 7 32bit machines


      Does anyone else have this issue


      Does any one know how to fix this issue


      Thanks in advance



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          believenw01 Level 1

          Hi All


          Just a quick update


          We disabled Antivirus and Antispam and still had the issue


          Tried this Go to Edit / preferences / general - the uncheck box "Enable protected mode at startup" This got rid of the lag in opening adobe docs.


          Still no good


          tried this Open the reader, select Edit, Preferences then select Internet from the Categories.  This should display the Web browser options page, untick "Allow speculative downloading in the background".  This increased the speed of opening pdfs for me hope it helps.


          Still have the issue


          The only thing we have found now is if we open Adobe reader first and open all other pdf from the open menu its is fine and fast, we get the issue when we douible click the PDF to open it



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            pwillener Level 8

            I have Adobe Reader 10.1 on Windows 7 64-bit, and it takes about 2~3 seconds to open Adobe Reader when double-clicking on a PDF file.


            That is a bit longer than other programs, but I can live with that.


            Yet some other programs do take a lot longer (10+ secs), like Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Visual Studio.  But since I start them usually just once a day, I can live with that as well.

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              We heard that adobe reader has got major security lope hole , which was found by mcafee antivirus, We would like to know is it true ?