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    Working on two machines - what about the media cache ?

    Dynamicworm Level 1

      I'm a long time user of FCP just getting my head around Premiere Pro CS5.5. I quite often work on the same project at work and at home. With FCP I simply duplicated the media onto another drive and just transported the project file on a flash disk - obviously rendering of effects would have to be done locally.


      Now with Premiere I notice there's the media cache which, as far as I can tell, is not necessarily anything to do with rendering and effects but related and applied to every clip.


      So my question is, will the media cache have to be built from scratch on each machine every time I move the project file ?


      If so, is there a way to avoid this so that I wont have to wait for it to build the media cache ?


      ....or on a 30 minute film with 15 hours of original media will this will this be a quick process so as not to be a problem ?


      I suppose what I'm really asking is how can I easily work on the same project in different locations ?



      Any help appreciated.