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    I Need Help : Data Visualization

    Nhaztaljik MLG

      Hi forum,


      Seeking help desperately and I hope I'm in the right place. About me, I recently got brought on as the new flex developer, and got a very difficult project to work on. Without getting into huge details, I'll just say that I need to develop something like this...


      1) I need to make an application that when you search for a KEY, it shows a data visualization based on other simular KEYs in the database.


      2) It has 3 basic visualizations... one showing some sort of cluster graph, another showing some other chart, and another showing some other chart.


      Basically I need a container that serves as the display area for the graphs when a user clicks on the corresponding graph icon to show.... it needs to have click and drag stuff etc....  plus i need a pan and zoom window....


      Any help on getting started is much appreciated... I don't really know how to tackle this project in the best way although I have ideas

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          I tried

          The most important thing that will make your project successful is a good data model on the flex side.  Make sure you map your data from your database to the strongly typed value objects that you create. Flex has some helpful collection objects, like arraycollection, that allow sorting and filtering.


          Once that's done, approach the view as data driven as well.  If possible bind your collections to your 3 different views. If someone needs to modify the data they are viewing, have the controls modify the underlying data collection and then the views will update automatically.


          Good luck!