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    Automatic Recording on Captivate 5.5 for Mac does not seem to work


      I've used the automatic recording feature on Captivate for Windows v 4.0 and it seemed to work just fine. It captured all my clicks and typing just fine.


      But now I'm on the MacBook and I'm using Captivate 5.5 for Mac. I'm using the Automatic recording feature and it seems to miss most of what I'm doing. I tried doing some simple movements such as opening a Word file, typing in some text, bolding text, saving the document, and closing the documents. The automatic mode missed about 50% of what I was doing.


      Initially, I thought it might be because I have a MacBook and I've got an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. But then I tried the exact same recording using just my MacBook with no external inputs or outputs and I got the same sporadic results.


      I've also tried other options: recording a screen area, recording an application, recording entire screen, etc.


      In general, it seems to get the first couple of things I do and then just seems to stop recording anything.


      Has anybody else had this problem?


      Any suggestions for any settings I can try to help with this problem?


      thanks in advance for your help,