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    Default <Esc> keypress after fullscreen (killing me)

      i've added the fullscreen function to a site.
      it works fine but.... the default or stock action pops up
      saying " press escape key to return to normal screen"

      the Esc key it set to default
      Stage.displayState == "normal"

      is there anyway to remove this default function flash sets up?
      i would like to code it myself, so that i can add additional functions
      to the Esc key.

      i've done the

      var keyListener:Object = new Object();
      keyListener.onKeyDown = function() {
      if (Key.isDown(Key.ESCAPE)) {

      //add extra functions here


      it works but only after the first default function takes place.

      i hope this doesn't sound crazy.
      but any help you can offer would be grand.