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    Letters in line of copy squished on top of each other


      Friends, if someone can help me with this, I will be so thankful.


      Please see the attached image. I am having full lines of copy condense and stack all the letters on top of each other creating weird black spots throughout my document. As I start to type, sometime 10 characters, sometimes less..... it reaches a point where all the letters retract and stack on top of each other.

      Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 11.00.05 AM.png

      Here's what I know:


      Running CS4

      There is no strange text wrap or weird kerning issue.

      Some lines of copy are locked to the baseline grid and some are not.

      It also seems to be a localized problem as a co-worker can open the same file and not see the issue. We are working off a server.


      This is so frustrating. Anyone seen this?


      Thanks a million for any help,