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    Printing slides from Captivate


      I am a new Captivate user and I can't find this info anywhere.


      I use Captivate to build presentations, but the other SME's don't have Captivate to make edits.When we used Powerpoint for presentations, our standard practice was to convert the Powerpoint presentation to PDF and print the PDF for each SME to make notes on. My SME's would like to be able to print the Captivate presentation in order to make notes, the same way they used to print Powerpoint slides.


      I also need to be able to use each Captivate slide for a handbook. I am hoping there is an easy way to do this, rather than taking screenshots of each slide....


      I use Adobe Captivate, and I have Adobe Acrobat 9. My SME's only have Adobe Reader. Any help is greatly appreciated.