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    Problem with bookmarks

    craigpmhere Level 1

      Hello all. I am trying to export my book document as a PDF print document. The ID document has a table of contents and the items in the table of contents jump to that item in the document when I click on them. The document also has bookmarks in the sidebar and those have been working.


      However, I just made a change to the document, a simple change to the book cover, and now when I export, the table of contents no longer jump to the item, and also the bookmarks in the sidebar no longer work.


      I've encountered this problem before but I do not remember how I fixed it. Also, I am not able to find "my discussions" in my profile, as whenever I click on it I get an "unexpected error" message saying "The specified user was not found." even though I am logged in ect.


      Any suggestions on the bookmarks problems, and/or the profile issue?