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    Timer Not Working




      I am trying to call a function from a timer using the following code:


      var mTimer;
      function testTimer()
      mTimer = app.setInterval( "runTimer()", 1000 );


      function runTimer()
      app.alert("timer run");

      The function runTimer() simply doesn't run.

      The only way I can get the timer to work is with a line like this:


      mTimer = app.setInterval( "app.alert('test')", 1000 );

      However, calling a function doesn't work.  The code is in a global module.  It doesn't work with anything I try, such as:


      mTimer = app.setInterval( "Global.runTimer()", 1000 );

      I am using a Dynamic XML form in Designer 9 (trial version).


      Many thanks


      Geoff Olding