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    Does PrP have access to Auditions effects ?

    lasvideo Level 4

         After completing Video2brains great tutorial dvd I see that Audition has a lot to offer. But since there is no Dynamic link AND it doesnt export all the individual clips (just stems of tracks)  I might prefer to do most of my mixing in PrP. Especially since PrP has such a powerfull / versitile mixer. I can see using Audition more for repair of clip issues (levels, noise, etc).

          I know in Audition there is a wealth of effects both Processing and Rack. Are all these available in PrP 5.5?

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          lasvideo Level 4

          Does PrP support any third party audio effects that could supplement what exists?



          Nevermind about my complaint about lack of presets stated here before I updated this entry.. I found the somewhat obsure Presets Menu 

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            _durin_ Adobe Employee

            Premiere Pro generally supports third-party VST effects.  There are some known issues and limitations, but generally, most of the 64-bit VST plug-ins you'll find should be compatible.


            While we certainly want to share audio effects between Audition and Premiere Pro, at this time it is not possible.  Premiere Pro currently supports only 64-bit effects, while Audition supports 32-bit effects and the two formats are not directly compatible.  Deeper compatibility and sharing between the two applications is something we plan to accomplish in the future, and a shared set of plug-ins is certainly one of the desired features.

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              lasvideo Level 4

              Thank you very much for that info.

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                Jim Curtis Level 3

                _durin_, I'd love to see Au rolled into Pr, and not a separate application.


                Ideally, Au would come up as a workspace, just like Pr has a Color Correction workspace.


                How hard would that be?

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                  _durin_ Adobe Employee

                  I think it's more likely you'll see more audio-centric tools and tighter integration included in PP, but I doubt that the entire application will ever be migrated into it.  Audition has a big userbase outside of video, and while the two applications share a lot of code, Audition's mixing and playback engine is far better tuned for audio than Premiere.


                  This isn't on anyone's radar for the near-term, at least.  Who knows where the wind will blow down the road?


                  What specific functionality are you hoping to see move into Premiere?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    This was not possible, until just recently, when Au was ported for the Mac. That was why we had Soundbooth from CS 3, until now.


                    Before CS 3, PrPro was only available on the PC, and with what was called CS 2 Production Studio, one got Au 2.0 in the suite. Do not recall any suites for PrPro 1.0 and 1.5, but might just be my memory.


                    With Production Studio (now pretty close to Production Premium), there was nice integration between PrPro and Au. Probably the biggest weakness was one mentioned above - that integration was on a Clip by Clip basis, and if one wanted to work on an entire Sequence's Audio, one needed to Export that Sequence's Audio and Import it into Au. One extra step.


                    Personally, I am just glad to see Au back in the suite lineup. Also, as I use Au mainly for Audio in Video, I see so much power, that is just not going to be all that useful. Though I use the heck out of Au, I have to admit that I have but scratched its surface. When I get beyond my limited use, I have to spend a lot of time with my manuals, my library of Au books, my Help File, and then the Au forum. Man, much of that stuff is just way over my head. Luckily, the folk in the Au forum have always been kind, and explained things in terms, that even I can understand.


                    I'm trying to think of Au features that I would really, really like to see included in PrPro, and other than the Restoration functions and the Spectral Display, I cannot think of any more, but am sure that if I thought long enough, I'd be able to find a few more.