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    Export Indesign CS5 to .fla CS4




      I have CS4 Web Premium version and CS5 InDesign (both for PC).


      Is it possible to export down from InDesign to CS4 flash file? In the pulldown menu, I only have the CS5 .fla option (and obviously when I try to open it in Flash, it doesn't recognize it since it's a newer version than my Flash program).


      I'm wanting to export my catalogs into Flash to see the possibilities there. I currently exporting them and using them as PDFs, which may or may not be the best option, but I want to see what other options there are.




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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I believe that InDesign CS5 will only export a FLA file that can be read in Flash Professional CS5.


          If you knew someone who had InDesign CS4, you could create an IDML file which they could open in InDesign CS4. Then they could export an XFL file which could be opened in Flash CS4 Professional. (InDesign CS4 used an intermediate XML version called XFL; InDesign CS5 can actually export FLA.)