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    How to publish with an argument in command line

    Sergi Llop



      AIR / AS3 noob here.


      I want to create an application that will let you browse text files, or will let you change them depending on an argument from the command line.


      For example in windows:


      "agenda.exe" would let you browse the names in the agenda.


      "agenda.exe /e"  would let you edit the content.


      Given that this is possible, what I would know if there is the possibility to add the argument when you publish the application, so it will be there when installing it. It seems Flex has this option but haven't seen it in Adobe AIR.


      Of course then i will have two applications.. one with an argument and another without, going to the same SQLite DB... i don't know how that will work either.


      I appreciate if anyone can bring some light.